Only Available in Bulk #4 Marble Chips (1/2" - 1")

One yard covers 10x10 area= 100sqft. 2"Deep (thick) Rocks may lay differently.

If you want a pristine, high-end aggregate for your Bradenton or Sarasota landscape project, White Marble Chips are exactly what you are looking for. White Marble Chips add a touch of elegance to any landscape or garden. Because they are white, they can complement many different types of designs and landscapes. In your garden, White Marble Chips allow your plants to take center stage. Imagine a pop of natural color surrounded by white!

White Marble Chips are a long-lasting solution for an otherwise drab landscape design. White Marble Chips are also known for being a long-lasting addition to your landscape or garden. They are durable and resistant to deterioration. Despite their light coloring, they are also known to be resistant to discoloration. Another benefit is that they are sturdy enough to resist major cracking. Also, they aren’t known to attract pests like termites or ants. What does this mean for your Bradenton or Sarasota landscape? This all adds up to long lasting beauty.

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