Warranty, Terms & Conditions

Plant Warranty for installations (excludes wholesale). Plants and trees that are installed by The Gardens will have a 60-day guarantee. Warranty is voided due to neglect, natural disaster, lack of water etc. We will require site pictures (or site visit in some circumstances) which will be asked for before the replacement. Warranty Info sheet is available upon request or at the Bottom of this page. Warranty excludes rock, mulch, and sod. Please see next section for additional details.

The purpose of the warranty is to cover you in the event your guaranteed tree/shrub dies within the first 60 days which is typically when material is established enough to be successful. We do ask that you keep us informed of any material that looks like it may be suffering, our goal is to work together to make your new landscaping successful. Trees/Plants are living things with natural flaws and imperfections. If you are noticing any decline, changes that you are not sure of, we first ask that you immediately send us over a photo, and we will determine whether this is normal, or whether we need to run over and investigate it further. There are many reasons a plant can decline, and lack of water (sometimes too much water) is the number one problem. This can easily be determined with our making a visit, which will allow it to reverse quickly once corrected. Adequate water is essential, and large trees need a lot of water, especially in the beginning. We like to see dedicated bubblers on trees, and dripline and or popups on shrubs and smaller material. During your warranty period, we ask that you do not pull or trim any material you are concerned about without referring to us, this will allow us to determine if this is needed yet, or necessary to assist a declining plant. Please refer to our Watering Guidelines, and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. *Warranty is voided due to neglect or natural disaster, as well as if above instructions or watering guidelines are not followed. It is not our desire for failure, but to work together to make this successful for our customers.

Merchandise (excluding plants, trees, rock, mulch, and sod) can be returned up to 30 days with proof of purchase. Merchandise must be unopened and in original condition. Plants (excludes rock, mulch, and sod) can be returned with 5 days in original pot and condition. Returns are voided due to neglect, natural disaster (nursery manager discretion). All returns are given in house credit via gift card

Any delivery that is rejected (and is not at the fault of the nursery) will NOT be refunded for delivery charge. If not enough material was delivered due to the customer not ordering enough, you will be charged an additional delivery charge. Deliveries are always given in 1-2 hour windows, due to drive time, traffic, etc. Recipient must be home at time of delivery to sign delivery sheet unless already communicated within office.

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