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Bulk Florida Top Soil (Unscreened) -Bulk : Yard


Bulk Florida Top Soil (Unscreened)- Myakka Soil. Available is 1cuft bags or bulk.

One yard covers a 10x10sqft area= 100sqft. 2"Deep (thick)

Every soil can be separated into three separate size fractions called sand, silt, and clay, which makes up the soil texture. They are present in all soils in different proportions and say a lot about the character of the soil. Myakka soils contain mostly sand and is a deep, somewhat poorly to poorly drained, acid soil.

In general, soils can be used for agriculture (growing foods, raising animals, stables); engineering (roads, buildings, tunnels); ecology (wildlife habitat, wetlands), recreation (ball fields, playground, camp areas) and more. Myakka agriculture is a very important industry in Florida. The state is ranked number one in the nation in the sale of oranges, grapefruit, fresh tomatoes, watermelons, foliage (flowers and ferns), sugarcane, tropical fish, and aquatic plants. Florida is ranked nationally as the eighth leading state in overall agricultural sales. Responsible for this phenomenal production is an unusual combination of mild winter climate and well-managed soils. Florida’s soils also produce beef and dairy cattle, timber, fruits and nuts, poultry, swine, tobacco, vegetables, and other products.

Buildings, highways, cities and countless other improvements are visual reminders of the long-enduring productivity of Florida’s soils. Forest products, agricultural crops and the livestock they nourished finances a sizable portion of these impressive urban improvements.