Aquascape Sludge & Filter Cleaner effectively reduces fish waste and decaying organic plant material in ponds, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your pond and less time maintaining it. Each bottle of Aquascape Sludge & Filter Cleaner is packed full of five pure strains of heterotrophic bacteria, helping to maintain a strong biological balance in your pond while quickly cleaning rocks, gravel, and filter pads. The easy-to-use pump top accurately measures 100 gallons of treatment per pump, simplifying application. Our Sludge & Filter Cleaner contains a 1.5 billion CFU per ounce potency, ensuring consistently effective treatment, and the included marigold and humic acid help to improve the pond environment for your fish. The treatment is completely safe for fish, plants, pets, and wildlife. One bottle treats 5,000 gallons of water.

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